The internet is

slightly strange

but enjoyable. 🏖




My friend Drew lives for live music. He tracks every show he has ever seen in a Google spreadsheet. I was impressed and wanted to share it with the world.

Visitors can upload their own list and share it with the world.

Build: GatsbyJS, Tailwind 1.0, Lambda, AWS S3

Visit: MusicWith.Me

Amazing Karens

I personally know some really kick-ass amazing Karens. I talked to one of them about the verbal meming of the name "Karen". She told me at first it didn't bother her but now she thinks about it too much.

Site to showcase a few amazing Karens. Chin up!

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The Cookie Zone


Satirical informational site which showcases a terrible new pattern on the internet...

The cookie bomb!

Make sure you check out the cookie policy.

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Visit: TheCookie.Zone